Easy clutch holder KIT 37372

Easy clutch holder KIT 37372

Price: US$357.05(tax incl.)

Weight: 450g

Come experience the lightness!

This is the lightest clutch work in the history of Katana! UNICORN JAPAN launched another world's first: the clutch release stainless clutch!

Due to a lot of requests from our patrons, we have made the clutch release as light as possible.

Making the clutch work light is easy but oftentimes, riders lose the best riding experience in the process.

Katana, however, made it possible to integrate design and quality to give their riders the best riding experience!

This product is a fusion of functionality and design. It's beauty lies in its clutch work and simplicity. Come and experience Katana's lightest clutch work, now!

* Please note in advance that cancellation and/or return of this product cannot be accepted once the order has been placed.